Ensemble & Orchestra

” A remarkable job (…), with very effective articulations fantastically synchronized (…) and very well balanced counterpoint lines. Technically brilliant (…).  An instrumental luxury who made Couperin’s name shine. The composer deserves more concerts like this one “.

- Mario Guada (Codalario)


The New Baroque Times ensemble


Emmanuel Resche, Lorea Aranzasti, Pablo García | violins
Mathilde Vialle | viola da gamba
Edouard Catalan | cello
Benoît Vanden Bemden | violone
Florent Marie | guitar and theorbo
Diego Salamanca | theorbo
Constance Allanic | harp
Patrick Denecker | bombarde
Adam Bregman, Christophe Morisset | sackbut, serpent
Mirella Ruigrok | dulcian
Osvaldo Hernández | percussion
Diego Fernández | continuo and music director 



The New Baroque Times orchestra
Photograph: Ferrán Mesa Turó


Violin I/II
Emmanuel Resche (leader)
Lorea Aranzasti, Daniel Boothe, Pablo García, Silvia Mondino, Raffaele Nicoletti, Rafael Núñez, Blanca Prieto, Ingrid Schang, Izana Soria

Fayçal Cheboub, Alaia Ferrán, Elisabeth Sordia

Edouard Catalan, Claire Lamquet, Lucille Perrin, Cécile Verrolles


Double bass
Silvia Jiménez, Pasquale Massaro

Antonio Campillo, Carlota Ingrid García, Matteo Gemolo

Jon Olaberria, Nathalie Petibon

José Rodrigues, Hugo Rodríguez

Bruno Fernandes, Nicolas Isabelle, Emmanuel Mure

Jan Huylebroeck

Diego Fernández, Zeljko Manic


The New Baroque Times ensemble
Emmanuel Resche, leader & music director


Emmanuel Resche is one of the leading figures of the new generation of baroque violin players. He has gained a reputation as concertmaster, notably under the baton of William Christie.

After graduating in Political Science and Art History in Paris, he studies baroque violin with Pablo Valetti (Barcelona), Enrico Onofri (Palermo), Monica Huggett (Juilliard School, New York) and François Fernandez (CNSM, Paris). He obtains his price unanimously with honors in june 2013.

He starts his career in New York as leader in Haendel’s Il Trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno under the direction of William Christie (Top 10 Fall Season 2012 of The New York Times) and at Le Jardin des Voix (Festival Thiré, Hong-Kong, Australia and U.S.A). As a member of Les Arts Florissants, he has performed several chamber music concerts with William Christie and Paul Agnew (Festival de Thiré and Opéra Comique de Paris) and he has worked as artistic director for some recordings for the label Harmonia Mundi.

In 2015, he is invited to play as soloist conducting the Baroque Orchestra of the Moscow Conservatory.

Emmanuel Resche works as well with Christophe Coin (Lully: Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme) and within baroque orchestras in Spain, Belgium, France, Italy and the United States.

He makes a research and rediscovery of the french composer Pierre Crémont (1784-1846), recording a CD produced by Palazzetto Bru Zane (Venice) and Fonds de Dotation Pierre Bassot (Moulins). Following his biographical research, he is invited to contribute to The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.

Emmanuel Resche-Caserta plays a violin of Ada Quaranta (Boves, Italy) of 2010. A copy of the “The Devil” Guarneri of 1734.

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