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The New Baroque Times lovers

Diego Fernández, Juan Laguarda, Mercedes Sanjosé, Joquín García, Natividad Sanjosé, María del Castillo Campos.


The New Baroque Times friends


Gilles Thomas


The New Baroque Times addicts

Antonio Martinazzo, Bernard Schreuders, Gilles Thomas, Halit Halimani, Thomas Elskens, Adolfo Jiménez, Susana Morales, Anita Bertoncini, Alessandro Gori, Juan Gorraiz, Isabel Garzón, Antonio Alcaide, Emilio José Gómez, Javier Martín.


The New Baroque Times supporters

 Habib Rahmé, Carlo Vistoli.


The New Baroque Times would also like to thank all donors who wished to remain anonymous.




With your support we would like to continue to evolve, developing new ideas but remaining attentive to our audience and ensuring the quality and originality of our performances.

• How do we invest your donations?

• producing or co-producing doing possible concerts in Belgium and abroad in Europe
• financing recordings, promotional clips and educational and social activities
• renting and purchasing music instruments

• Some good reasons to support The New Baroque Times

 engage yourself in an exciting music project
 consolidate a successful young ensemble
 support an artistic project socially engaged
 assist in the research and diffusion of unpublished music
 invest in training young talented musicians
 contribute to the maintenance and creation of employment in the arts

• Traders and small businesses

• increase your visibility - with our communication strategies through our institutional partners
• improve your image - by associating the name of your company in an quality artistic project



The New Baroque Times SUPPORTER : a contribution of 25€ / year
The New Baroque Times ADDICT : 60€ / year (or 5€ per month)
The New Baroque Times FRIEND : 120€ / year (or 10€ per month)
The New Baroque Times LOVER : 240€ / year (or 20€ per month)


Sponsorship and patronage for enterprises and private individuals

The New Baroque Times offers a variety of sponsorship and patronage options for enterprises and private individuals. These options include structural support and ad hoc support for specific concerts and activities. Download here the conditions and do not hesitate to contact us to propose other options and other considerations that may be suitable.

The New Baroque Times Belgium asbl
Rue Philippe de Champagne 5C. 1000 Brussels (Belgium)
Triodos Bank
IBAN > BE64 5230 8102 1852

For more information:
Pablo García, artistic director
+32 494. 62. 03. 23


The New Baroque Times is an official non-profit organisation based in Brussels. This affiliation ensures operation within the framework of legislation and total transparency in the use of money from the donations of our sponsors and patrons.
The New Baroque Times Belgium asbl. Rue Philippe de Champagne 5C. 1000 Brussels. Belgium. BCE 0708899556